1 in 3 Australians will be directly impacted by MS

The funds that you raise ensure that people living with multiple sclerosis get the vital support they need to meet their goals and live well, and ensure that no one has to face MS alone.

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Can provide an Information Pack to someone newly diagnosed with MS to help them feel supported and informed

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Can connect a carer dealing with the pressures of MS to another person who understands

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Can connect people living with MS in rural and remote Australia via telelink, so they don't have to face the disease alone

Educate Health Professionals Thumbnail


Can educate a health professional about multiple sclerosis to enhance the quality of care and outcomes for people with MS

Peer Support Thumbnail


Can support the training of an MS Peer Support volunteer to provide countless hours of support to many people living with MS

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Can provide an MS Nurse Advisor to support a person living with MS through the crisi of a relapse

The uncertainty of what lies ahead after diagnosis can be a difficult experience, and that's why we are here to make sure no one faces MS alone.

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Your generosity has helped achieve some extraordinary results in the past year.

17,740 connections through Plus Connect, providing information and emotional support for people at every step of their journey with MS

The expansion of our allied health and plan management supports, delivering 248,726 NDIS services across all MS Plus services


Providing funding to bring new treatments closer to reality, investing in repairing myelin damage, to restore function that has been lost for people with progressive forms of the disease.

166 hours of Plus Support Coordination to help participants access the best possible care under their NDIS plan

Launched a specialist MS Dietitian service which has seen benefits to patients’ health and wellbeing through over 46 consultations and plan developments

4,231 hours of Plus Exercise Physiology to help patients manage and maintain their physical wellbeing throughout their journey with MS


For many people with MS, the symptoms are invisible

There's been occasions where strangers have asked Rachael to get up out of a seat on a train because they perceive her as young and healthy.

“Just because you can’t see MS, you can’t judge people because you have no idea what they go through every other day. It could be a great day, but the rest of the days could be difficult. No one knows what I’m going through unless I tell them."

Rachael Hendry, MS Ambassador