Get together with your workmates, clients and suppliers, and experience all the excitement and camaraderie the MS Melbourne Run + Ride Festival has to offer!


Taking part as a workplace team is a great way to encourage team building, promote health and wellbeing amongst staff, raise corporate visibility within the community and build close connections with clients and supporters!

Ask your colleagues, clients and suppliers to run or ride with you to Fight MS, and help people living with multiple sclerosis get the vital support they need to meet their goals and live well, and ensure that no one has to face MS alone!

Creating a team is easy and teams can be as big or as small as you like. As long as you are all running, riding (or walking) and raising money for people with MS, that’s all that matters!

The best part? You'll be able to celebrate together after you cross the finish line on event day!


A Workplace Team is a great way to:

Offer a great bonding experience with work colleagues

Promote health and wellbeing amongst employees

Raise corporate visibility and brand exposure

Build close connections with clients and suppliers

Make a real difference in the fight against multiple sclerosis


Most workplaces are more than happy to support a good cause - all you have to do is ask!

They can support you by:


Covering all event registration fee payments. We can set up a Team Payment Code for you and then invoice your company


Dollar Matching (aka Matched Giving) the total amount raised by team members, or making a tax deductible donation.


Covering the cost of a branded Team Uniform, or the purchase of an official 2021 event jersey, t-shirt or run singlet.

A Team Captain is the glue that holds a team together

When you create a team, you will be set up with your very own team fundraising page. You can use it to recruit, promote, coordinate, motivate and (of course) celebrate with your team!

  • Customise the page by uploading a team photo or company logo;
  • Personalise your team story and share your reasons for participating;
  • Post blog updates to let people know how you're getting on with your training and fundraising;
  • Manage all online and offline fundraising, including your fundraising goal;
  • Spread the word via social media and email;
  • Acknowledge and thank sponsors

Your role as a Team Captain can be whatever you make it. 

Planning to run an event or activity where you may collect money other than through your fundraising page link? Want an official document to help you request prizes or other donations?

Contact our experienced Fundraising Team to ensure you have your event registered as an official MS fundraiser plus many other bells and whistles to really make you event POP!



Thank you to all our amazing 2021 MS Melbourne Run + Ride Festival sponsors and supporters.
Your support is invaluable and we couldn't host the event without you!