Meet Rose

22 Aug 2022

Rose has signed up to complete the 5km course in her wheelchair for the 2022 MS Melbourne Run + Ride Festival.

“This has been a thing to look forward to. It makes me feel seen, like people hear me when I talk about taking part.”

“I’ve got MS. I need to highlight that to raise awareness and raise funds.”

Rose was diagnosed with MS in 2018.

From difficulty swallowing to difficulty finding the right word and brain fog, MS affects every day life in a variety of ways for Rose.

She also experiences numbness, vertigo, itching, optic neuritis, headaches, fatigue and depression.

“It’s definitely a change in terms of how you feel about yourself.”

Rose is travelling from Gippsland to do the event and she’s already smashed her initial $200 fundraising goal.

She’s now increased her fundraising goal and is aiming for a target of $700.

“I will keep upping it so I can raise as much as I can for people with MS.”

To her fellow fundraisers Rose says, “Use it before you lose it. Your mobility, your brain, everything you have use it before you lose it.”

Like Rose you too can make sure vital support and services are available to people living with MS while the search for a cure continues. Learn more about the difference you make.

Learn more about the difference you make.